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Wednesday April 30th
Bisnow: NYC Retail Real Estate Summit
New York, NY

With the unforgiving polar vortex behind us, and consistent upticks in consumer demand dispelling market anxieties stemming from the Fed’s tapering policies, there is only one direction retail is heading. Up! The consumer is back, and retail is king. Come hear about it from the industry leaders themselves at Bisnow’s 4th Annual NY Retail Summit.

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May 18-20, 2014
ICSC RECon Las Vegas
Las Vegas Convention Center

RECon is the global convention for the shopping center industry and provides networking, deal making and educational opportunities for retail real estate professionals from around the world. With over 34,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors it is the largest industry convention, making it an unparalleled opportunity to do a year’s worth of business in just three days! If you are looking to meet retailers to discuss new or existing leases in your centers, view the latest industry products and services that are critical to your business, attend educational sessions or find the next deal, then you need to attend RECon.

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Wednesday June 11th
ICSC: New York Program and Networking Breakfast
New York, NY

Join us and gain valuable insight into the dynamic retail environment in the outer boroughs of New York City.

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Thursday July 17th, 3-9pm
Social Retail Summit #7
Dumbo Spot, New York

Social retail is the new approach to customer relations developed by next generation omnichannel retail brands, from online community to offline sales.

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Featured Article
Trumps to Select Retailers for Old Post Office Pavilion with Help from Streetsense
Trump Old Post Office

In 2014, Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka are planning to take control of the Old Post Office Pavilion in Washington, DC and turn it into a 261-room luxury hotel. The building, built in 1899 and the first government building to have its own electric power plant, will also house restaurants and retailers. In order to help them navigate the market for gourmet restaurants and high-end retailers in Washington, the Trumps have brought on Streetsense, an upstart local real estate and design firm.

Ivanka explained that she and her father had had so many retailers and restaurants reaching out with interest in the space that they needed help handling the proposals. “We are getting so much pro-active interest, from some of the world’s best restaurants and most recognized luxury retailers that we felt it was time to bring someone on board to help us consider options,” she said.

Posted on September 28, 2012

Featured Article
Dylan’s Candy Bar Opens Up Cross Country

New York City’s Dylan’s Candy Bar opened a location in Los Angeles this week! Being the first California location for this infamous candy shop, Dylan Lauren has incredible visions. Located in the Farmer’s Market in LA, Lauren believes this is the beginning to a huge expansion, possibly even thirty locations worldwide within the next five years.

In Dylan’s wildest dreams, she hopes to create much more than a candy shop. “My dream is to grow a brand like my dad did where he took a tie and expanded into a lifestyle brand. I hope that I can take the candy, keep doing what I am doing where we are growing the apparel brand and growing the home furnishing stuff. We are starting to actually talk about it – we have pillows now – to become a lifestyle brand. People will know it is Dylan’s Candy Bar and want a piece of it.” The first step, Lauren believes, is to open a store in major cities in the United States. Coming soon is a location in Miami, Florida, with additional plans to open in Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Chicago in the near future. That being said, she knows that it is important to keep the brand special and not open everywhere.

Posted on September 27, 2012

Featured Article
Peter Braus
Peter Braus

Peter has been involved in the ownership and brokerage of real estate for fifteen years. He joined Lee & Associates NYC (formerly Sierra Realty) in 2001, and was made a partner in 2006. Prior to Sierra and Lee, he worked as a retail leasing broker for New Spectrum Realty Services and Newmark & Co. Real [...]

Posted on September 27, 2012

Featured Article
Separation of Church and Bal Harbour

After nearly five decades passed with expansion on the mind, the Bal Harbour Shops in Miami, Florida finally made an arrangement. The Whitman’s came up with the creative idea to partner with a church nearby. ‘Church by the Sea’ on 501 96th Street sold their land to the Bal Harbour Shops, under the condition that they would build an eco-friendly church in its place somewhere on their land. Therefore, they are building a 50,000 SF church at the intersection of Bal Bay Drive and Park Drive. This important relocation will allow the Bal Harbour Shops to complete a 200,000 SF expansion.

Bal Harbour Shops, according to ICSC’s Shopping Center’s Today, are ranked first as far as sales per square foot goes. More specifically, Bal Harbour brings in $2,555 per square foot, exceeding the average for shopping centers by nearly over $2,000.

Posted on September 26, 2012

Featured Article
Obama’s Supporters Set Up on Upper West Side

President Barack Obama’s supporters have set up shop in a 1,200-square-foot retail space at 410 Columbus Avenue. Near West 80th Street and previously occupied by a Supercuts hair salon, the ground-floor space has been taken over by Community Free Democrats (CFD), an Upper West Side Democratic club. This spot is the only campaign office for Obama in Manhattan, and its grand opening was this past Sunday, September 23rd.

Jason Haber, CEO of Rubicon Property, is an Obama supporter who brokered the deal for CFD to take over the space, which was not a simple task; attractive retail space on the Upper West Side usually requires a longer lease. “We had people just running up and down the avenues on the Upper West Side and most landlords would rather wait for a long-term tenant. It was a big headwind that we were facing,” Haber said.

Posted on September 25, 2012

Featured Article
Gap Expands South: Growing Retail Market in Latin America
gap image final

Due to a recent slowing of sales, Gap revealed plans to expand largely in Latin America, particularly in Mexico and Brazil, and later in Colombia, Uruguay, and Chile. In fact, Gap hopes to open up approximately 30 new locations in Latin America by 2014, according to Vice President Stefan Laban’s in his remarks to WWD. As far as expansion goes, it is thought that Latin America’s potential is second to Asia for Gap.

Gap recently opened its first Latin American location in Mexico City’s Interlomans Mall, including Gap, Gap Kids, and babyGap. Following this opening will be another store in Mexico City’s Atizapan Mall, and another in the Satelite quarter, and another in Guadalajara. If everything goes as planned, Laban and Gap plan to open between six and eight locations in Mexico with its partnership with Liverpool. Because of a 10-year punitive duty against Chinese imports, Gap was unable to open locations until this was lifted just last year. This now opens the doors to bring in full merchandise. With this change, Laban explains, “Mexican consumers will be able to get the same products available in London, Paris, and New York, except for a few items that will be localized”.

Posted on September 24, 2012

Featured Article
Californians to Pay Sales Tax for Online Purchases

Last year, after fighting legislative efforts that aimed to force to collect sales tax in California, the Internet retailer made a deal with Gov. Jerry Brown to open two 1-million-square-foot distribution centers in Northern and Southern California and to start charging sales tax on what is now last Saturday, September 15, 2012. Depending on where buyers are located, they will now be paying between 7.25% and 9.75% in taxes on purchases made from California vendors.

California is the newest state added to a list of areas that are subject to the collection of sales tax through Amazon; residents of Kansas, Kentucky, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington were paying sales on Amazon before Californians. Chairman of the Board of Equalizations (which administers the sales tax) Jerome E. Horton says that the agency is planning to prepare for the influx of work by hiring 35 new auditors, collectors, lawyers, and other personnel during the next three years, and it will also redirect some of its 90 existing investigators to Internet sales tax as-needed.

Posted on September 21, 2012

Featured Article
Southern California Retail on the Rise

Experts such as Jereme Snyder, Senior VP of retail services for Colliers International, believe that the retail market is beginning to stabilize on the West Coast, particularly in Southern California. With that, local, national, and global investors are all looking to buy retail assets in this region, and are impressed with the demographics of the area.

Australian retailer Lorna Jane recently expanded to 11 new Southern California locations in Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Glendale, Irvine, and Huntington Beach. Experts wonder if this will be the trend for international retailers.

According to Jones Lang LaSalle, the positive outlook for the Southern California retail market stems from a combination of events, including a growing population and strong demographics, a slowing of new, high quality supply, and increased leasing speed for cities such as San Diego. Nationally, the retail market is expected to show incremental improvement in absorption through 2016. That being said, absorption at the end of 2011 assisted in decreasing the vacancy rate by 60 basis points, year over year. It is important to recognize that while it is beneficial that the vacancy rate was decreased, most of the desired space is taken, so for demand to increase, physical retail space must also increase.

Posted on September 20, 2012

Featured Article
Do McDonald’s Customers Know What They Are Eating?
mcdonalds image 2

McDonald’s surprises their customers by adding calorie counts on their menus. Two men just last week went into a McDonald’s located in Miami, Florida and were more than shocked to see how many calories they were actually consuming with their Quarter Pounder with Cheese, large French fries and a large Coke. Their estimated 500-600 calories were more than half of what they were actually eating. To their dismay, the men, Brue Gonzalez and John Morrow found out they were eating 1,320 calories. In fact, they hadn’t even noticed that McDonald’s added the caloric count on the menu next to each item.

As many other restaurants are now doing, McDonald’s plans to have almost all of their 14,000 locations in the United States contain caloric counts on both their drive-thru menus as well as their behind-the-counter menus by Monday. On top of that, McDonald’s Corp, based in Oak Brook, Il., is working to pass a new legislation under the Affordable Health Care Act in which all restaurant chains with over 20 locations will be required to provide caloric counts on all their existing menus. Panera Bread was the first large chain to add calories to their menus. Most other large chains are waiting to hear the details of the new regulation before adding their own calories.

On the other hand, McDonald’s is hoping to jump start the new regulation and add their caloric counts “voluntarily” in order to educate their customers, as McDonald’s locations in Australia, South Korea, and the United Kingdom already do.

Posted on September 19, 2012

Featured Article
Apple Breaks Records with iPhone 5 Announcement

Each year, the release of a new generation of Apple’s iPhone causes temporary hysteria among technology-obsessed consumers. Apple does a phenomenal job of marketing their products and creating hype not only in the hopes of attracting new customers, but also (and perhaps more so) keeping their existing customers engaged. The announcement of this year’s iPhone 5 went above and beyond, even for Apple.

Allowing preorders for the iPhone 5 beginning on September 14, Apple reported that within 24 hours it had received over 2 million advanced orders, which is more than double the amount the company received last year for iPhone 4S orders. With demand as high as it is, Apple has stopped taking preorders and will not be able to deliver some until October, despite the first round being available this Friday, September 21.

Posted on September 18, 2012

Featured Article
Brandon L. Singer
Brandon Singer Cushman

Mr. Singer began his retail real estate career in 2007. At RKF, Mr. Singer negotiated in excess of $200 million in transactions on behalf of tenants and landlords. Mr. Singer has been credited with the transformation of the western block front of Madison Avenue from East 87th to 88th Streets, having secured leases on behalf [...]

Posted on September 14, 2012

Featured Article
16 Manhattan Food Emporium Stores For Sale
Food Emporium Blog Picture

A&P has confirmed that they have plans to sell the 16 Manhattan Food Emporium locations. As owners of 320 supermarkets, they decided it was not in their best interest to maintain ownership of The Food Emporium. According to a spokesperson, these plans were just announced last week to its own employees.

There appears to be several reasons behind this decision, including a recent emergence from bankruptcy. A&P came out of bankruptcy just last March with 75 fewer stores. Further, supermarket consultant Burt Flickinger reported, “The stores are not well managed. Customer counts have dropped dramatically over the last 10 years. CVS, for one, is walking all over Food Emporium, offering items such as yogurt, eggs, milk, soup, cereal, condiments at much lower prices”. Additionally, supermarkets such as Fairway Market and Trader Joes are estimated at bringing in around $750,000 more in revenue than The Food Emporium. Matthew Casey, supermarket consultant, explained that some of the stores are even coming out at a loss, including the location on First Avenue and East 59th Street.

Posted on September 14, 2012

Featured Article
Cushman & Wakefield Launches Global Cities Retail Guide
Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 11.26.14 AM

With real estate becoming ever more international, it seems inevitable that those looking for retail real estate will face questions that they probably did not have to deal with when they were renting space in local, familiar cities. In order to be successful, retailers absolutely must understand how their business will fit into a local economy, and that’s where Cushman & Wakefield comes in. The real estate firm is launching its Global Cities Retail Guide, which aims to demystify and educate retailers about consumer habits around the globe.

Posted on September 12, 2012

Featured Article
Fifth Avenue Shopping Expands South

Fifth Avenue has long been perhaps the most relevant shopping area in New York City. For international retailers, Lawrence J. Longua, clinical associate professor at the New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate, says, “Fifth Avenue to New York is like the Champs-Élysées in Paris; it’s the place where you cannot not be.” It is exciting, although not necessarily surprising, that Fifth Avenue’s prime locations are expanding to include the stretch of avenue south of 49th Street and north of 42nd Street, with several companies opening flagship stores there. Swedish-based H&M recently announced that it will open its largest store in the world—a 57,000-square-foot outlet—at 48th Street and Fifth Avenue, and they will be joined by other international retailers including two Canadian fashion retailers, Ted Baker London, Tommy Bahama, and an expanded Lacoste. Although they have since built a larger store in London, Lacoste opened what was its largest store last year on Fifth Avenue near 49th Street by giving it’s already 5,000-square-foot location a $10 million makeover that involved adding 1,000 square feet.

Posted on September 6, 2012

Featured Article
Lori Shabtai

With 25 years of experience in Marketing and Sales/Retail from fashion to luxury goods, Ms. Shabtai’s diverse experience ranges from marketing, advertising, retail and publishing to establishing and managing her own luxury brand company. Ms. Shabtai currently represents Winick Realty Group LLC with many prestigious retail assignments representing retailers, landlords and developers.

Since joining Winick Realty Group LLC in 2005, Ms. Shabtai has managed the marketing of The Puck Building, Columbus Square, the retail at the Empire Hotel, Trump Soho Hotel, 429 Broadway, 459 Broadway, retail at The Gansevoort Hotel Miami, and many other interesting and luxury/brand related properties. Ms. Shabtai has also completed deals on behalf of some of the city’s most prestigious retail tenants.

Posted on September 6, 2012

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